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Subjectivity alone leads to bigoted ignorance. Objectivity alone produces organized stupidity. Education should discipline, but not stifle subjectivity. – Giovanni Battista Lamperti

Music rides along an ever-moving continuum and is ungraspable when approached with an attitude that is too rigid or too lax. Creativity and boldness are essential but equally important is a strong foundation in musical education. A blend of these elements is key to creating music that moves and inspires.

I have developed a series of workshops for modern and classical choirs or vocal groups who wish to improve their vocal technique, general sound, rhythmic and melodic expression and stage presence. I draw from my experience as a vocal coach, choir leader and co-director of a cappella groups. The following aspects will be worked on during one or various workshops:


  • Body relaxation and expression
  • Basic tools to improve vocal production
  • Vocal blending through resonance and volume
  • Expressiveness and improvisation with circle songs 
  • Learning to listen through the development of soundscapes
  • Rhythm and groove through movement and body percussion
  • Coordination between voice and movement
  • Stage presence
  • Special characteristics of different modern musical styles


All these aspects may be worked on in connection to the choir’s repertoire. Workshops will be offered in either English, Spanish or German.