La petita malumaluga


La petita malumaluga is a musician and dancer collective with a wide professional experience working with some of Europe’s most significant companies.

Some years ago we began to create shows and workshops for babies and young children. We quickly realised this was the most challenging audience we had ever worked for. But yes, we fell deeply in love with them. The first shows were kept really small, very simple and pure. The goal was to use emotional transparency as the vehicle to get close to the children, while being honest, warm and respectful.
 The response was extraordinary. Our audiences, booking agents and media have infused us with their enthusiasm and given us the confidence to start our largest and most ambitious project to date: The moon in a pot.


Shows and workshops


We offer shows for theaters, outdoors scenarios and small format productions. We specialise in the very young audiences (0 to 6 years old).


On tour


• The moon in a pot (La lluna en un pot)
• Clouds (Núvols)
• Nubes (Núvols)
• Music from Bremen (Músics de Bremen)
• Mitjons, simfonia per veus i tambors


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