CantamonsPhoto – César Londoño



UN MÓN de CONTES (“A world full of tales”) is a musical theatre piece for children in Catalan and other languages. It aims to educate children in diversity by bringing them closer to different cultures. We offer our audience a journey around the globe in search of tales and songs.

Each tale tells us something about a specific culture and its customs, and each will be presented on stage in different ways: through storytelling, dramatization, with puppets etc., thus creating a very dynamic and fun performance our young audience will be invited to participate in.

Each song shows how music sounds in different countries, yet in a capella version for four female voices. Songs are interpreted in the original language, thus showing how fun it is to listen do different languages and trying to pronounce them. The musical arrangements are written by the theatre company Compañía Cantamons and maintain the original sonority of the different musical styles.

Each and every performance is different! The countries we will be visiting are chosen at random by members of our audience, giving way to improvisation and lots of fun. One day we might start our journey in China and end up in Brazil, next day we will travel from England all the way to Thailand … we always follow our audience’s wishes!


General pedagogic objectives


Teach diversity and get children closer to different cultures through tales and songs.

Learn to locate a variety of countries on the globe. Motivate children to be part of the performance by participating in the different tasks we propose. Have children discover how fun it is to attend theatre shows and concerts.


Musical objectives


Get children acquainted with a capella music as well as different vocal registers and qualities, and have them explore different musical sonorities through Brazilian, Eastern European or Arabic music, American gospel and Catalan sardana.